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Who We Are

BioKemp was founded with a commitment to providing innovative alternatives to smokers. People have been smoking since the discovery of fire and we don't plan on changing that. We simply believe there is a better way.

What We Do

Our company has had tremendous success assisting tobacco and cannabis pre-roll companies in providing their customers with a whole plant experience and we would love to do the same for you. 

What Does It Mean To Choose Biokemp

It means to choose sustainability. It means to choose accountability. It means to choose choices. Powered by Nature and Aided by Technology. Biokemp was formed with the goal of providing alternatives of uncompromising quality for tobacco & cannabis pre-roll brands.

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Cannabis fuels passion, creativity, and most significantly, human connection. At BioKemp we believe in accentuating those benefits through YOUR products. Thanks to our flagship and patented product the world's first biodegradable and re-usable hemp smoking tips this is made a reality. Crafted for airflow and designed to expedite the rolling process this one of a kind piece of smoking technology is far superior to glass, cardboard, paper, cork, wood or fibrous cellulose acetate and an excellent ingredient for your tobacco or cannabis pre-roll line.

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